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Follow Your Heart

I was playing basketball in my driveway today and a little boy was trycycling by with his dad. His dad pointed at a house on my street and said to him “Son, work hard and you’ll have a house like that someday” his son replied, “Hey look, they gots a basketball hoop in their driveway. Cool!” the father then stated “You see that nice car, that’s the kind I wanna see you driving in” the son replied “Idk dad, I wanna invent the worlds biggest tricycle and drive that around!” They started walking away and I wish I followed them because I learned more about life in those mere seconds than most of the years of my life. Children may need to be taught all about life but it is men that need to be taught what life is all about :). I’ll meet many that drive cars but kid, I can’t wait to meet you when you’re driving your giant tricycle. =] #followyourheart

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